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Dream Team coaches are deeply dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of every single player. The inception of Dream Team stemmed from the frustration our coaches observed within the AAU program. They noticed the emphasis on costs and the focus on treating young boys merely as assets, rather than recognizing their potential as future lawyers, doctors, educators, and more. Acknowledging that not every child will pursue a career in the NBA, our commitment lies in fostering the holistic development of young individuals.

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Jareem Gunter


Jareem Gunter is a distinguished educator with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. His unwavering dedication to empowering young men on their journey to manhood has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

As the author of "The Man Book," a transformational guide, Jareem has touched the lives of countless young men, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex path to adulthood.

Jareem's impact extends far beyond the pages of his book. He has taken his message to every corner of the United States, including the esteemed halls of Capitol Hill, where he has trained educators on how to effectively engage and support boys of color in their educational journeys.

In 2017, Jareem was recognized as one of the nation's top leaders in the field when he was awarded the prestigious Fellowship for The Campaign for Black Male Achievement/Building Beloved Community Leadership Fellowship. This honor underscores his commitment to championing positive change in the lives of young Black men.

While Jareem tirelessly pursues his mission to reshape the futures of families in his community, he also endeavors to create tangible change through education. He has been instrumental in the establishment of his own school and served as the dedicated Executive Director of Summit Tamalpais High School in Richmond, California.
Jareem's vision goes beyond the classroom. He founded the "Dream Team" initiative, a testament to his dedication to improving the community and altering the prevailing narrative surrounding young boys. Through this endeavor, he strives to foster a brighter future for the community he calls home.

Family holds a special place in Jareem's heart. He has been married to his lovely wife, Jenise, for over a decade, and together they have been blessed with two beautiful children, Josiah and Joelle. For Jareem, family represents the anchor that grounds him in his pursuit of creating a better world for families. They provide the unwavering support and inspiration that fuels his passion for education and community betterment.

Jareem Gunter's work stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of young men, his advocacy for boys of color, and his relentless pursuit of positive change in education and beyond. His legacy is one of inspiration and empowerment, leaving an indomitable mark on the lives he touches, both within his family and the broader community.

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Aaron Dalton (AD)

  11U & 12u HEAD COACH

Aaron Dalton, a dynamic high-performance basketball coach who honed his skills under the mentorship of Coach Phil Handy, the esteemed assistant coach for the Lakers. Aaron's coaching journey has spanned various levels, from guiding professional and college players to instilling fundamental skills in elementary through high school basketball enthusiasts.

Aaron's commitment to player development has been evident through his involvement with the Warriors basketball camps across Northern California, where he contributed to shaping the next generation of basketball talent. His coaching philosophy revolves around instilling not only technical proficiency but also a passion for the game.

Adding to his versatile background, Aaron brought his expertise to the court as a professional player in the CIBAPAC league in Mexico in August of 2021. This firsthand experience as a player enriches his coaching approach, allowing him to connect with athletes on a deeper level and understand the nuances of the game from both sides.

With a blend of coaching prowess and playing experience, Aaron Dalton continues to make a significant impact in the realm of basketball, contributing to the growth and development of players across different levels and age groups.


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